Welcome to Lumi8 Photo Booth

Photo Banner Designs

Your Lumi8® package includes a personalized banner created by our in-house graphic designer. Bring your ideas to us and we'll do the brainstorming and layout for you! Neutral and subtle, bold and bright, however way you want your booth photos to look, we'll make it work for your special event!
(Additional fees may apply)

Basic banner designs

*Standard graphic and text banner design based on:
  • graphics, font style, and text from clients' event invitation (excludes use of photographs)
  • clients' provided instruction and artwork, logos or visual examples not requiring further editing or retouching (image resolution of 300 dpi or greater)
  • any examples of a banner design from the above gallery
  • or banner based on the designer's own creative direction
*Up to a maximum of 3 revisions, pls.

Customized banner designs

†Additional cost is required for designs that meet the following criteria:
  • Banner design that includes a photograph and/or graphic(s) that requires Photoshop/Illustrator retouching/editing
  • Requests for artwork or graphic elements not supplied by the client
  • Requests for specialized graphics, logos and/or artwork to be created for banner design
  • Any other specialized design that entails more than 2 hours of creative work
†Additional costs range from $75.00 to $200.00.